Right First Time in (Fine-Chemical) Process Scale-up

Bringing a product to plant and market quickly requires a “Right First Time in (Fine-Chemical) Process Scale-up” performance of chemists and chemical engineers. This book teaches how to bring these professionals to a more effective and interactive level and how to bridge the gap between scales. The key to success is avoiding scale-up problems, but how to do that efficiently now and on the spot applying years of industrial experience?

The author has made available to the reader 240 real-life examples, collected over many years, and analysed them answering three highly relevant questions: (a) what was the primary cause of the initial failure in scale-up, (b) what was the solution, and (c) how could the incident have been avoided in the early stages of process development?

Based on the answers of the last question, a checklist was defined for an intense and productive collaboration between the chemists and chemical engineers. In addition, lab-protocols were defined to bring the challenging large-scale world in a lab-environment in a representative way.

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  1. provides a general introduction to the scene of fine-chemical process development
  2. identifies the challenges in process development
  3. discusses the numerous challenges that have to be met during process scale-up
  4. presents the 240 scale-up incidents following the lab-procedure, the larger scale result, a review discussion on the corrective measures and the final result
  5. analyses the primary causes and historic solutions of the incidents
  6. defines the checklist and the lab-protocols for the relevant unit operations.

In the experience of the author, collaborating with many colleagues to develop the checklist and lab-protocols for a few years, a point was rapidly reached where scale-up of a seven-step process to plant level was realised eliminating the pilot plant and without any significant incidents, so right the first time!


Bert Hulshof (1946), part-time Professor of Applied Organic Synthesis at the Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands, since 1995, has worked for 35 years in chemical process R&D in the fine-chemicals industry. He earned a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from the University of Groningen under supervision of the late Professor Hans Wijnberg in 1974.

As a research associate at Polak’s Frutal Works, manufacturing food and fragrances, and at Océ-Andeno, producing fine-chemical intermediates for the pharmaceutical industry, he had extensive hands-on experience in laboratory, pilot plant and manu- facturing facilities.

Since 1987, he was employed by DSM-Andeno and had various managerial positions in the R&D organisation to introduce many fine-chemical processes to pilot plants and plants. His final position was Principal Scientist Fine Chemical Scale-up at DSM. His research interests were in the field of large-scale organic chemistry.

Sadly, Bert passed away in October 2013. All proceeds from future sales of this book will go to Berts family.


Written by Dr Trevor Laird, 16 April 2013. Posted in Process Chemistry News

A NEW Book written by L A (Bert) Hulshof

This book is essential reading for all chemists and engineers whether in the fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, colour chemicals, flavour and fragrance or other industries. It will be of value to those working in process R & D as well as in manufacture and to small and large organisations looking to manufacture their products in the most economical manner.

The book is published in A4 size allowing the information (e.g. large tables, diagrams) to be better presented, and is therefore equivalent to almost 1000 pages of many standard texts. It is thus an ideal reference book which should be in the laboratory, plant and library of all industrial chemists and engineers.

The cost for this book is £119.50 (plus p&p)

483 +xii pages (A4 size)
Published by Scientific Update LLP, 2013
ISBN 978-0-9533994-1-3


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