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Staying up to date with your training directly affects your job performance.

Designed specifically for individuals, Scientific Update 'Scheduled Webinars' offer online training to allow you to keep your skills up to date without the need for travel or time away from work.

You can also organise team training by special arangement, please call +44 (0) 1435 873062 to find out more or contact Dr Claire Francis.

High quality training from the leading process R&D training company.

Date Title City Free Register
26 May 2010 Highlights from Literature - Free Too Late
01 Jun 2010 Carbon-Carbon Bond Formation: a series of 3 related webinars - Free Too Late
01 Jun 2010 Cross Coupling Reactions - Free Too Late
07 Jun 2010 Wittig and Related Reactions - Free Too Late
14 Jun 2010 Atom Efficient Reactions - Free Too Late
22 Feb 2012 Cross-Coupling Catalysis Webinar - Free Too Late
29 Feb 2012 Asymmetric Catalysis Webinar - Free Too Late
15 Jan 2013 Heterocyclic Chemistry - Free Too Late
06 Mar 2013 Crystallisation & Polymorphism - Free Too Late
19 Jun 2013 Heterogeneous Catalytic Hydrogenation - Free

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