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Published by the American Chemical Society, Organic Process Research & Development (OPR&D) serves as a communication tool between industrial chemists and chemists working in universities and research institutes, reporting original work in the broad field of process R&D along with academic results that are relevant, or potentially relevant, to industrial applications. The journal covers all aspects of organic chemistry, including catalysis and synthetic methodology development, as well as analytical chemistry and chemical engineering in the fine and specialty chemical industries.

In addition to its broad scope, Organic Process Research & Development is particularly interested in receiving manuscripts in the following areas:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Agrochemicals
  • Fine chemicals
  • Chemical Safety

The journal is acknowledged as the first point of reference in its field. Highlights from research journals and the patent literature and editorials from the Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Kai Rossen, are available online. Explore Editors’ Choice articles, which are free to read for a limited time.

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  • Substantive articles and reports from leading researchers
  • Reports on original work in process chemistry
  • Reports on scale-up of processes to pilot plant, with discussions of safety and environmental issues
  • Special focus on the design of chemical processes, and their development and scale up from laboratory to manufacture
  • Current R & D in the fine organic and specialty chemicals industries
  • Research Highlights from the Literature
  • Patent Highlights
  • Regular Issues on current topics of interest

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If you have research results or unique perspectives to share on any aspect of you would like considered for inclusion in future issues of the Journal, please contact Dr. Kai Rossen.

ess Research and Development that you would like considered for inclusion in future issues of the journal please contact: Dr Kai Rossen.